Plane Adjustment Hammer

Introducing the new Sterling Tool Works Plane Hammer!



I’m so pleased to announce this new collaboration with my friend, Chris, at Sterling Tool Works. When he first started working on this hammer design, he sent me a prototype to try out. I loved it so much that I asked him to make some with my logo on one side especially for my customers.

This hammer is perfectly balanced to make adjusting your planes as smooth as possible. The hammer features a unique head with a smaller brass face for tapping the blade and wider Walnut face for tapping the body. The handle is Walnut, and is incredibly comfortable to hold. The brass adds a lot of mass, making blade adjustments very easy with even the lightest of taps. The Walnut face is slightly domed, meaning it will leave minimal marks on the body of the plane.

I absolutely love these hammers and am incredibly proud to offer them to my customers. Thank you, Sterling Tool Works, for making such a wonderful product.

These hammers are made in batches, so wait times may very. If you order one when also ordering a plane, it will ship when your plane does. If ordering just the hammer, please ask for an estimated delivery time.

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Al Flinck August 4, 2014 at 11:10 am

Scott This is just great. First I know I can trust your judgement on a plane hammer completely. Then as we know too few transactions are a win-win. But this one is a win-win-win. You-Sterling Tool and me.

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