Jointer Plane

Christopher Schwarz wrote a review of my Jointer in the June 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Here is a bit of it:

Most modern jointers top out at 24″ long, so picking up the new 36″ jointer from Scott Meek Woodworks is a time-bending experience. On the one hand, it’s like using an old Dutch jointer because of its wooden body and extreme length. But it’s made like one of the planes James Krenov made famous – its body is laminated to create the bed and sidewalls of the tool. And the tool has flowing shapes like a futuristic sports car.
The craftsmanship on the tool is top-shelf; it’s like a piece of sculpture with its flowing lines. I quite like the tool, though I’d probably buy a shorter one for my smaller shop.

This Jointer Plane is available in three different lengths, 22″, 28″ or 36″. Each size works great as a Jointer, as they won’t follow the dips and bumps in the board but will swiftly leave an edge perfect for glue up or final board dimensioning. No need to turn on a noisy powered jointer and dust collection.

The 36″ version is geared towards those true galoots that want to do all of their wood sizing and edge prep by hand when building long tables, jointing long boards, or any other extra long project. The 28″ version is a more versatile size and is more than capable to handle 75-90% of most duties one would need of a long plane. The length is still easy to handle and won’t cause you as much fatigue as the 36″ version. I honestly feel it is the perfect size for flattening table tops or workbenches. In addition, it should also fit nicely into most tool chests or larger tool cabinets. The 22″ version matches the length of most metal bodied jointers currently available, and performs just as well as it’s longer brothers. If you mostly work in wood lengths less than 36″, this would be the size I would recommend.

Customized Grip

With a bed angle set at 50º, one would imagine that this would be a tough plane to push through the wood, however, between the mass and the shape, it actually moves through a cut quite gracefully. The highly shaped area behind the blade is essentially the handle. It is a shape I’ve developed after quite a bit of use with my (much) shorter planes. Obviously holding a plane this long at the very ends would be rather uncomfortable for most people, so when this design finally worked it’s way out of my head and into the shaping of the prototype, I knew that I had something special. As with all of my planes, the shape just lends to a very natural hold when in use. What has been really fascinating to me is to hear from people that have used these planes and they tell me about how they hold and use them. They are finding that there is more than one comfortable grip, which makes it very ergonomic.

Now, obviously, not all hands are the same. For this reason I will custom size the grip to fit your hands. In order to customize your Jointer to fit you, I need two measurements: the length of your thumb and the length from your thumb to the tip of your forefinger. See the picture below for a visual reference. The example shows my thumb with a length of 2 3/4″ and the length from my thumb to to tip of my forefinger as 5 5/8″. When placing your order, select the measurements closest to your own from the drop down menus.

Hand Measurement

Please be aware, when ordering your Jointer, be sure to specify if you want it shaped for left or right handed use.

Wave Grip Option on 22″ Jointer

Front Grip Option for 22″ Jointer

While developing my Scrub Plane, I had to come up with a more secure front grip to aid in holding it while taking heavy shavings. I loved it so much that I have now introduced it here on the 22″ Jointer and also on my Jack Planes as the Wave Grip. Adding the front grip allows you to hold the plane differently for different types of work. It works great when planing wide surfaces like table tops or dimensioning lumber. This option is only available on the 22″ Jointer.

The Blade

The iron is a 2″ wide, high carbon O1 blade from Hock Tools and is bedded at 50°. Ron makes some of the finest plane irons available today. These O1 blades can be honed to an extremely sharp edge quickly and have great retention.

The only issue one may have when ordering this large of a plane is finding a location to keep it in their shop! With such a beautiful shape, I recommend making a dedicated display shelf that will show it off to all who enter. Or perhaps someone would want to keep it on their fireplace mantel in lieu of a hunting rifle or model ship. Personally, I keep mine in bed next to me. Is that weird? Well, it is big enough that I can use it for personal protection if someone were to break into my house at night! Wherever you choose to keep yours, my hope, as always, is that it helps you create some of your finest work.

The current lead time for my Jointer is 15-17 weeks until delivery. The reason for the longer time frame compared to my other planes is due to material contraints. These planes require more attention to wood movement at each stage of completion than shorter planes do.
Please note that these longer planes may be made from laminated 8/4 material. 16/4 stock is difficult to find in large quantities that are also stable and dry. In addition, using 8/4 stock is more responsible environmentally as it is less wasteful to cut than thicker material is. This lamination does not lessen the stability or quality of these planes in any way. If fact, I’ve found them to be even more stable than some made of full 16/4 material.

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