Jack Plane

Introducing the new Wave Grip option, available in left or right handed versions, for either the 12″ or 16″ Jacks!

My jack planes are available in 12″ or 16″ lengths. The 12″ version is a great all purpose plane as it can function as a larger smoother or as Jack for heavier material removal. The 16″ version is really geared towards being more of a work horse; taking heavier shavings and cleaning up after a heavily cambored jointer or scrub plane. It can also be used as a jointer for shorter work.

The iron is a high carbon O1 blade from Hock Tools, available in 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″, or 2″ wide. Ron makes some of the finest plane irons available today. The plane is available with a bed angle of 45° or 50°.

The Jack is available in White Oak, Tiger Maple, or Mesquite. The basic price has the wedge, crosspin, and sole as the same wood species as the body. Customize your Jack by adding a complimenting species for the wedge, crosspin, and sole. Available woods are African Blackwood, Asian Ebony (lower cost and softer than true Ebony, has more browns and deep red tones), Mesquite, Bubinga, Teak, and Osage Orange. Resin infused options are also available.

Right or Left Handed Grip Options

When I recently came up with the design of my new Scrub Plane, I fell in love with the shaped grips. I decided that it should be an option on my Jack Planes as well. These grips are great if you use your Jack as a heavier workhorse plane, taking heavy, thick shavings. If you prefer to use your Jack for more lighter duty and like it to be ambidextrous, I recommend sticking with the original shaping. To select this option, use the drop down menu to pick it while ordering. The grips can be shaped for right handed, or left handed use.

When will my order ship?

My current time frame for shipping is 12-14 weeks from order date. I realize this may seem like a long wait, and I am sorry about that. The reasons for this wait is mainly due to the increased number of sales I have had in the last year. Word is spreading about my planes, and more customers are clamoring for them every month. In addition to that, I also want to make sure that I craft the finest plane for you that I can. I could make my planes quickly without consideration for how they perform and look once they leave my shop, but that is not fair to either of us. I am very picky about the finished product I ship out the door, and therefore I put the time into each plane that they, and you, deserve.