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Sometimes I will make planes out of a unique wood that I don’t regularly offer. This is either due to a customer request for something different, or I came across a piece of wood that was destined to become a plane. I will share pictures of these unique planes here. If you are at all interested in requesting a custom plane, please contact me here.

Brazilian Rosewood Planes

While at Woodworking In America 2013, I had a customer visit my booth and ask if I was interested in making some planes using a wonderful old piece of Brazilian Rosewood he had recently purchased. This Rosewood had been sitting in a warehouse over 35 years, before the current CITES ban was instituted. In exchange for his two planes, I was able to make a few others to sell. These are the stunning planes that have been purchased so far! I do have material available for a few more planes in this wonderful and rare wood, including a Smoother with a Blackwood sole and 50° bed angle. Contact me for more info if you are interested in one of them.

Andy’s 22″ Jointer and Block Plane:
This Jointer is the definition of “one of a kind”. It is the only one of its kind that will be made. Quite possibly my favorite plane I’ve ever made. The Block Plane has a fascinating streak of white sap wood on one edge that really adds even more character.

12″ Brazilian Rosewood Jack

55° Brazilian Rosewood Smoother:
This gorgeous smoother is about an inch and a half shorter than my normal smoothers. Combined with the high 55° bed angle, this is a perfect plane for localized clean up of difficult grain patterns.

Brazilian Rosewood Block Plane
Another great Block Plane. Love the dark streak on the right side. I have enough material for 2-3 more of these. If interested in one, use the contact me widget on the left or the contact/about me page to email me about it.

Cocobolo Jointer

I wanted to try a plane in this beautiful wood, so why not a 36″ long beast of a jointer? It really turned out to be possibly the most stunning plane I’ve ever made. I was somewhat sad to see it go to it’s new home when it sold. Throughout the process of building it, I learned more about the allergy causing qualities of working with this exotic wood, and decided that it isn’t a species I will use on a regular basis. It sure did turn out beautifully on this plane though, wouldn’t you agree?

14″ Cocobolo Jack

I wasn’t planning on working in Cocobolo again, but a customer begged me nicely after falling in love with the pictures of the Cocobolo Jointer above. This Jack is also a custom size of 14″ long. The weight of this plane means that it will just muscle through heavier shavings that makes a Jack a workhorse. Yes, even a workhorse can be stunning to look at.

Spessart Oak and Bocote Jointer

This 22″ jointer was commissioned in Spessart Oak (German White Oak) and Bocote. The customer requested a full Bocote sole to help really set it apart. The results, as you can see, are quite beautiful. The Oak and Bocote are a great match.

Bocote and White Oak Smoother

Another commissioned plane with a custom wood combination. The high contrast between early and late wood in the Bocote is balanced with the White Oak wedge to make a plane that is as fun to use as it looks.

Spessart Oak and Bocote Smoother

I had enough material left from the jointer above that I made a couple other matching planes. One of them being this smoother. With the bed angle at 55°, this is certainly a premium smoother that can handle anything thrown at it.


I had a customer request an Applewood Smoothing Plane. What an absolutely beautiful wood! Even better, it is wonderful to work with and is perfect for use in planes. I ended up finding a block of Applewood that was large enough for a couple smoothers and block planes. If it were easier to find in pieces large enough, I would love to offer it regularly, however, Apple trees just don’t grow that large very often.

Mesquite and African Blackwood 12″ Jack

Sometimes I get access to larger blanks of Mesquite. This Short Jack was for a customer who loves the Mesquite and Blackwood combination on his Smoother and requested it in this plane as well. I really think this is the most stunning wood combination I offer. If you have a request for a custom Mesquite plane, shoot me an email and we will see what we can come up with.

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Jay Broadwell October 31, 2013 at 7:02 pm

I am having trouble signing in to your website I have been there before but I can’t find the sign in box now.



Sandy Mackie February 22, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Scott. I am finishing up my shop cabinets. Please send the dimensions of the three planes on order do I can customize the storage areas. Do you have an estimate for the shipping date?
Thanks Sandy


Scott Meek February 26, 2014 at 12:43 am

Just sent you an email Sandy.


Andy Brownell March 7, 2014 at 11:34 am

I am both tremendously excited and honored to add these exquisite, one of a kind pieces for my tool box. They are true works of functional art that can’t be found anywhere. I promise to use these as they were meant to be used – on wood, rather than a mantle piece object (although they are quite suitable for that as well).

The Brazilian Rosewood is particularly special because of it’s origin from the owner of Midwest Woodworking and a dear friend, Frank David who passed away last year. The pieces were the remnant “billets” from a veneering operation in the 1960′s from what I was told.

Thanks Scott!


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