Block Plane

My Block Plane is available in White Oak, Osage Orange, Teak, or Mesquite. It is the perfect size for cleaning up the edges of boards, cleaning end grain, chamfering, and even localized clean-up on the faces of boards. It is a perfect size for one handed use, and just fits naturally into your hand. Seriously, you have to hold this plane to really appreciate how well the shape, size, and weight combine to make using it a joy.

Please note that my block planes are left textured somewhat from the rasps and light sanding. The reason for this is twofold: It keeps the price lower and the texture adds some “grippiness” to the plane, which is nice for one handed use.

The iron is a 1″ wide, high carbon O1 blade from Hock Tools. Ron makes some of the finest plane irons available today. These O1 blades can be honed to an extremely sharp edge quickly and have great retention. Bed angle is 38º.

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