My two biggest fans and most important reason why I do what I do.

My two biggest fans and most important reason I do what I do.

I am passionate about creating beautiful items through the medium of wood.
I grew up around the construction trades, so I’ve just always been around wood. The first time I mitered a corner trim joint together tightly, it changed my life forever. Since that point, I’ve been drawn to the detailed side of woodworking. I went into business for myself as a trim carpenter, which then progressed to custom cabinetry.
My journey as a woodworker has now brought me to a smaller, more focused outlet. This was brought on by my first encounter with a finely tuned hand plane. After my first ultra-thin wood shaving, I was completely in love with hand tools. Creating something with hand tools develops an intimacy with the wood that you can’t get any other way. It forces me to focus more intently on what I am doing, how I use the grain of the wood or what type of joinery I will use.
The pieces for sale here are all results of this journey I’m on. Each piece is created with passion, focus, and a desire to learn something new. It is my hope that when one of these pieces ends up in your home, it will bring years of cherished enjoyment, beauty, and peace.

“I think that if I did not work with wood, my life would be a hollow emptiness. If I did not form and shape and build, what would I have done to leave my mark in this world? My eyes have been filled with the endlessly changing patterns of the grains. I have felt the warmth of a thousand suns in my hands every day. I have smelled the rich tangy odors of the freshly hewn chips. These are the things that have made my life so fine. These are the most precious things I can leave for you, my son.”

Jonas Wainwright, Master Carpenter, in a letter to his son, 1832