Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Nashville, TN, March 13-14

I am excited to be heading to Nashville for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event this coming weekend! The event is taking place at Fort Houston, a “creative, innovative, and technological resource for those who wish to teach and those who seek to learn.” If you are in the area, I hope you stop by, say hello, and try out some tools. For more details, check out the Lie-Nielsen site here.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Charleston, SC, April 10-11

I didn’t make it to this event last year, but I’m thrilled to be there this time. It is happening at the American College Of The Building Arts. From their website: ACBA “educates and trains artisans in the traditional building arts to foster exceptional craftsmanship and encourage the preservation, enrichment, and understanding of the world’s architectural heritage through a liberal arts education.”

Fellow toolmakers and woodworkers that will be at this event include Roy Underhill, Caleb James Planemaker, and Sterling Tool Works! This should be a fantastic event, don’t miss it! More details are available here.

Spring/Summer Online Plane Making Classes

I have updated my online plane making class schedule. Right now, there is one Beginning Plane Making (Smoother) Class and two Advanced Plane Making (Jack and Jointer) Classes. I will add more if the demand is there. Also, if you have been hoping to take a class, and so far my schedule hasn’t worked for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know. We will see what we can figure out. Check out the schedule here and sign up for a class today.

New Ready To Ship Planes, Custom Planes, the Wave Grip

February 23, 2015

New Ready To Ship High Angle Smoothers At a length of 8″ and an iron bedded at 60°, my High Angle Smoother excels at tackling the toughest wood grain you can throw at it. I’ve recently added two of them to my Ready To Ship page. The first is Osage Orange with an Ipe wedge […]

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Try out my planes at a couple upcoming Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events

January 12, 2015

Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild – January 16-17 This coming weekend, I will be at the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild. The event runs from 10am-6pm on Friday and 10am-5pm on Saturday. Mark Hicks, from Plate 11 Bench Company will be there as well. For more information on the event, including directions to get there, click here. Palomar […]

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New Ready To Ship Planes

October 22, 2014

I’ve just added these two new planes to the Ready To Ship page. The first is a 22″ Mesquite and African Blackwood Jointer. I love these Mesquite Jointers, but finding decent material for them is so tough. I wish I could make it a regular option. The stability and weight make this one incredible plane. The […]

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New Blade Width Options & The High Angle Smoother

October 1, 2014

New Width Options For Plane Irons Up until now, I only offered my planes with a 2″ wide blade (other than the Block Plane, of course). My only real reason for that is that I personally like them wider. Well, after hearing from a few potential customers that wished for thinner width options, I have […]

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